How Much Does a Couch Cost?

Dog Ruined The Couch

There are different types, styles and designs of couches that are available in the market depending on how individuals would like to decorate their homes and the general initial cost of purchasing.

Couches give a room a finishing touch. They are of different sizes, shapes, materials, colors and prices. The cost of a couch ranges between 500 to 7,000 US dollars.

One main consideration while buying or reupholstering a couch is the cost and type of upholstery that covers the cushions.

Based on such considerations, consumers must consider the different types of couches with their cost so as to make the right budget. Here are some of the different types of couches with their prices.

Traditional couches

Traditional couches are the most available to most homes due to their affordability. The couches are made in such a way that they can comfortably accommodate two to four individuals.

Different colors and styles of these types of couches are available at different costs. Some of the couches include Hutton sofa which costs around 909.42 US dollars, Bliss faux leather sofa costs $ 1,099, Fieldale chambers leather couch costs $ 5,869.

Some such as Kivet power motion reclining costs $955.62 with Birmingham leather couch costing $ 3,796.80. Queen Elizabeth couch is another tradition couch which costs approximate $685.36.

Dog Ruined The Couch

Sectional couches

Depending with the features, sectional couches are ideal for home decoration. The couches are available in different shape such as L-shape and circular shape.

There are several options to choose from such as Corbridge dark brown 6-seater recliner couch which costs $1,599.99, the L-shape mancini modern sectional couch which costs $ 864.99. The Keaton chenille eco-friendly couches cost between 2,436-2,531 US dollars.

Tobia tufted sectional couch costs $2,770 while Linda mocha brown set costs approximately $1,343.99. These types of couches can fit a large group of people comfortably.

Sleeper couches

Sleeper couches are ideal for individuals who have small living quarters. The couches are able to accommodate one to three individuals. They can be converted to a bed during the night hence can be used to accommodate overnight guests.

Some of sleeper couches available in the market include Trent leather queen sleeper couch that accommodates two individuals and costs between $1,139 and $1,199, Rockport microfiber twin sleeper couch costs $619 while Brady full klik sleeper couch costs as much as $ 419.

Cindy Crawford Bryn queen sleeper couch costs $1,089 while the parker microfiber queen sleeper couch costs $779. The couches provide a place to relax during the day and a place to sleep during the night.

Convertible couches

These are popular couches that are mostly ideal for rooms with limited space. They are similar to sleeper couches as they provide the dual action of a couch and a bed.

They have cushions which may also serve as a mattress. New editions of this type of couch include Napa casual convertible couch which costs $645, the Euro-style Erik black couch costs $700, coaster couch sleeper with a cup holder costs $370. A white costar contemporary styled couch costs $525.95.

Loveseat couches

Loveseat couches are mini sofas that are ideal for a limited space. Some of the couches available under this category include monarch specialties leather couch that costs between $567 and $719.99. The southern Ascot three piece mocha couch costs $1,189.99 and the Simmons thunder topaz loveseat costs $617.49.

Since there are numerous styles and types of couches in the market, it is important for individuals to consider the cost of a couch before purchasing it.

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