How Much Does It Cost to Reupholster a Chair

Reupholster a chair

Is reupholstering a chair as expensive as everyone says it is?

Before you look to redo your home or spruce up your living area you might want to know how much does it cost to reupholster a chair.

What kind of re-upholsterer are you going to?

The location of the shop and how well known it is is going to play a big part in the price of reupholstering your chair, and every place is very different from the last.

Try to ask around and see if anyone knows someone who will work for cheap so that you can save some money. Just make sure that you ask for pictures of past pieces so that you can make sure they provide quality work.

Next, you have to have the piece that you want reupholstered.

If you already have a chair, that’s great!

If you don’t, try to invest in something that will last a long time and that has a good shape. The shape of the chair is what you see after it has been reupholstered…

Cost to Reupholster a ChairDon’t pay attention to the color or the material of it, because you can always change that later. Try not to spend much money on the chair so that you can stretch the value of the investment.

After you have the chair that you want reupholstered, you need to figure out how much material it will take to cover the chair.

If it is a larger chair or it requires the entire piece to be covered with material, then it will obviously cost more.

You will also have to consider just how complicated the piece is before you have it reupholstered. Chairs that have complex shapes will cost a lot more to have done.

For an average dining room chair that is mostly hard-backed and wooden, one that you only need to have the seat and back redone, you are looking at a cost of around $80 to $150 based on what kind of fabric you want and where you go to have it done.

If you want to have an armchair reupholstered, depending on the fabric and the re-upholsterer, it will cost you upwards of $600 to have it done for you.

Saving money on reupholstering– tips and tricks:

This might surprise you, but you will often find the best reupholstering shops in small neighborhoods, in the back room of someone’s house.

People who are working on their own and have been in the business for decades are the hardest to find but it is worth the effort to look for them. You will find them eventually and they will offer lower prices for higher quality work than you can expect to find at a large, well known store.

As mentioned before, you can try to save some money by finding a chair that does not require a large investment. This way, you won’t have to blow all of your budget on the chair itself and you can afford to splurge on the material to cover the chair in later on.

Another way that you can try to save a few bucks is to buy the material yourself. Get an idea of how much fabric you will need and go to the store for the materials yourself.

You can often find budget fabric or something on clearance that you will fall in love with. Fabric doesn’t have to be $100 a yard for it to steal your heart.

It’s not all that difficult to reupholster the chair yourself. If you have a little artistic talent, some patience, and the ability to try a few times, you can save a lot of money by doing the chair on your own.

Most people would be able to do it themselves without much trouble, especially for a chair, and it can be worth it to save the money. If you don’t feel comfortable doing so, however, then you really should just go to a professional rather than ruining the chair by mistake– some mistakes can’t be undone.

Overall, reupholstering a chair can be expensive but the finished product is worth it. When you see how new and fresh the chair looks when it is finished, you will be amazed.

Just make sure that you find an experienced and affordable shop to go to for your reupholstering needs.

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