How Much Does it Cost to Reupholster a Car?

Cost to Reupholster a Car

Your car slowly suffers from wear and tear both at the exterior and interior. While driving your car, it slowly accumulates dust, dirt, grease and grime.

This may cause slow damages. Some of the areas that require reupholstering include car seats since their fabrics wears out quickly, car engine, car exterior and interior.

The question one may ask is, how much does it cost to reupholster a car?

This is an important question that usually depends with the part that require reupholstering and the upholsterer you have chosen. Car seats reupholstering include replacement and repair of seats and cushions of the vehicle.

The cost for your car interior reupholstering can be as reduced as 1000 US dollars to as much as tens of thousands dollars.

The cost for car reupholstering will only depend with what you want your car to be done and the material that you wish to be used. The total cost for a classic car reupholstering may be around 4,500 US dollars. This will include on the cost of the material and labor.

The cost will depend on several factors which will either reduce or increase the cost. Here are those:


Cost to Reupholster a CarContracting a skilled upholsterer is one of the factors that affect the costs. To ensure the car reupholstering process is smooth and cater for the cost of the whole process, then it is important to consider professionals.

To get a professional car upholsterer, you can consult car spare parts dealers. They may have good contractors to recommend. The second place to consult is from local car audio specialists.

Once you find a good car upholsterer, look at their published magazines and photographs of their previous tasks. This is important in determining their skills and competence needed to deliver unique work.

Cost for reupholstering

Once you have established a professional car upholsterer, then it is important to consider the cost for the service.

If the car is a common model then the cost may be somewhere 1,000 US dollars. The price can change depending with several factors. One such factor is the size of the car. For example, a minivan will cost more than a small Hyundai car.

The second factor which increases the cost for car reupholstering is the car model. To reupholster a 1967 Ferrari can cost you as much as 5,000 US dollars.

The third factor is the material used for example fabric or leather. A fabric material for car seats may cost up to $10.00/yard to $80.00/yard.

Leather materials used to reupholster the car seats may be more costly although they are considered to be more luxurious, soft and stain resistant.

To reduce the cost of using a leather material, you can get your fabric material vinyl treated so that the seat may appear as if it is made from genuine leather.

Dashboard car reupholstering

With time, the car dashboard begins to wear and cracks. Many auto shops offer spray cans of vinyl paint which cost as less as 200 US dollars.

Apart from choosing car upholsterers who understand the breadth of the job, it is important to understand the cost of car reupholstering based on the materials and the part that require repair.

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