Average Tattoo Prices – 5 Common Factors

Wondering how much does a tattoo cost? Price is the important factor that determines the kind of tattoo you elect to ‘wear’. The average tattoo prices is not a figure that is arbitrarily arrived at nay, as there are many factors involved.  Usually it should range anything from as low as $ 100 to as high as $ 1000. Read further below to understand the factors that goes into arriving at the average tattoo prices.

Average Tattoo Prices – 5 Common Factors

Here are the 5 common factors that we are helping you with to understand how much does a tattoo cost. This will allow you to make more informed decisions when planning, or evening negotiating the cost price for a tattoo.

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The Skill of the Artist

The tattoo artist that works on your body determines the amount of money that you eventually fork out in two ways, by the billing method they use, plus the value they place on their talent. The two billing methods used are charging by an hourly rate or charging by the job done. In the same vein, an artist who rates themselves as an A plus performer will charge more than one who is trying to establish themselves in the industry. If one wants a custom tattoo, the price per hour can start from $50 to $300.

The Tattoo Design

The design of the tattoo of your choice will vary the cost of a tattoo. For instance if the artist comes up with an original design as opposed to using some generic design, the price will definitely be higher. Similarly if a given design concept is difficult to execute, the price will be steeper. A simple design will cost around $50 to $100 whereas the cost of complex design will vary according to the effort required by the artist to perfect the art.

Location – Tattoo Parlor and Tattoo Placement in the body

Location in this text has a two fold meaning. In the first case location refers to the business premise. A factor of the pricing is based on location in the sense that a tattoo parlor is a business at the end of the day and has to pay overheads such as salaries and rent. Consequently, you do expect a parlor in the in the heart of a city to charge significantly higher than a parlor located downtown.

The second allusion to location is in reference to parts of the body. There are some locations that are are sensitive (such as the neck) and areas that are considered ‘insensitive’. Because of the attention and risks involved the artist will charge more for former regions of the body.

Color of the Tattoo

Color determines the price of your tattoo in the sense that if a single color is used then it will cost less compared to when more than one color is used. There is a two fold reason for this, foremost because there is more than one component in the color scheme but secondly because it requires more attention to detail to execute a job that has more than one color. The artist in this sense charges you for their skill.

Size of the Tattoo

The last component of the price of a tattoo is size. This is the most important factor to determine the average tattoo prices. The smaller the tattoo, the lower the price, for instance, a tattoo that has a few wordings on the fingers of an individual cannot be closely priced with a tribal tattoo that entirely covers the back of an individual.

Now with the above mentioned factors we should be able get more clarity on how much does a tattoo cost. It can vary anything from as low as $ 100 to as high as $ 1000. Practically, this all falls together in a single piece and could work out as follows: An artist who charges $ 100 per hour working for three hours whilst using a single color, across the arm of a client in downtown could realistically charge $ 450 when all the variables at play are aggregated.

Hopefully, you will be better informed on the components that go into pricing a tattoo the next time you visit a tattoo parlor. If you decided to get yourself tattooed, average tattoo prices should not be the only factor that you ponder about. An established tattoo center will be a safer bet considering the health risks associated. Also, read about the steps involved and time involved for a tattoo to get healed.

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