eHowMuchDoesItCost is a casual infotainment blog which publishes high-quality articles on anything and everything related to costs and pricing, within a short span of time we have established ourselves as one of the leading entertainment networks on the interwebs. This website currently gets close to 45,000 page-views every month and over 18,000 unique visitors, a vast majority of this traffic comes from search engines and most of our visitors are from countries such as US, UK, CA & AU.

If you have a business across any niche focused on the internet, you just can’t ignore our site or audience, we are currently ranked high for many high volume search keywords (list mentioned below) in Google and have an authority social media presence with over 110,000+ followers across various networks.

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Unique Visitors – 18,000 / Month

Pageviews – 45,000 / Month

Pages / Visit – 2.5

Alexa – 508,661

About eHowMuchDoesItCost aims to help you to find out how much does anything cost. We know that lots of people do not know the actual cost/rate of doing something.

We try our best to bring you up-to-date information for the cost of everything, from “How Much Does It Cost to Build a House”, “How Much Does It Cost to Fix a Laptop Screen” , “How Much Does It Cost To Start a Business” to “How Much Does It Cost To Declaw a Cat”.

We cover every cost you want to know.

Due to the nature of our site and content, we currently see very high levels of user engagements, much beyond what an average blog would see, we get close to 2.54 pages / visit and maintain a bounce rate of 31%!

We are determined to grow this site into one of the top entertainment sites across the web, we are currently focusing all our attention on creating better content and adding more value to our readers.

Advertising & Partnership Opportunities

We realize that each and every business has different marketing needs, so we provide our advertisers with a number of advertising options to reach their target audience.

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Each of our ad zones have their own unique set of features, which determine the exposure they each get, they all have their own pricing based on the location, size and past performance. Please note that all the prices mentioned below are for 30 days of advertising.

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This is a text ad that appears at the top of the reader’s screen when they visit our site, it has a strong background color making it quite visible, which would ensure sufficient exposure. The key here is to come up with a catchy ad title which would make readers click on the link.

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We currently have 5 major ad zones located in the most visible parts of our website, no user who visits our site can ever miss the large floating ‘Leaderboard’ at the bottom of their screens, the 300*600 ad in the sidebar and the 2 ad zones placed within the zones. If you can give us a good quality attractive banner, you are sure to get eyeballs and CTRs.

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In-Post Ads

This blog features articles on various topics, across various countries, dealing with 100s of niches, so you might want your ads to be shown on individual posts rather than sitewide, this way you can target the right audience and ensure you get the best value for your investment.

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Sponsored Content

We allow ‘Sponsored Reviews’ and ‘Sponsored Content’ on this blog at the rate of $150 / Article, each sponsored review will be visible on the ‘Front Page’ for 1 month and within the sidebar for a week. You can use this to promote your online store, e-products and services.

All reviews will be written by our in-house writers, but we will taking all inputs and information from you first. Please bear in mind that we are not willing to mislead our readers through this service, the overall article will be in a positive tone but will contain an honest review of your product and its features.

Please reach out to us using the form below, along with all relevant information about your product / service / website, we should get back to you within 1 to 2 hours. Once we have accepted the job, we will be sending you a PayPal invoice with the full amount and you can expect the review to be published within 3 to 4 days after payment is complete.

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