How Much Does a Vending Machine Cost?

Anyone asking how much does a vending machine cost may be considering a vending machine business.

It is possible to venture into this type of business with a small budget.

There is a plethora of options with a vending machine business that may surprise many; some of which require minimal costs to start.

Existing options of vending machine are lower in cost than a more professional set up.

A low budget vending machine business is the best way to kick start this business slowly with less risk. More investments and expansions can be made when the profits start coming in.

Choices of investment

One of the more popular vending machine business choices is the Coffee Vending Business. With a booming coffee industry and a growing number of coffee drinkers, a coffee vending machine business venture enjoys a very high mark-up in the vending industry with 300% per vend.

The minimum investment required to kick start a Coffee Vending business is $3,295. The investment package comes with 12 selections of fresh brewed coffee choices and expresso. Owners need only to replenish the machine with no heavy lifting necessary. Bags of quality coffee beans and powder are supplied to be poured into the stipulated containers with a 5-gallon water tank in the bottom cabinet.

Coffee Vending Machine Cost

DVD Kiosk Vending machine is another great business startup for under $25,000 that can be in operation in about 45 days.

The H.U.M.A.N Healthy Vending Business requires a high investment of $50,000 to get the necessary tips and guidelines in a successful venture while the Healthier 4U Vending venture requires only $20,000 complete with training, identified locations and goods provided.

For those who love shopping, U*SHOP vending is the choice for a new breed of boutique retail. The minimum required cash investment is $15,000 with 3 distinctive product lines s comprising gadgets, gifts and sundries.

Gadgets include iPhone cases, mobile power solutions, headphones, iOS accessories and speakers while Gifts include cosmetics, jewellery, toys, fashion accessories and games. Sundries include personal care items, snacks, pharmaceuticals and charging solutions.

Water is a crucial entity to sustain life. Hence, a mere $20,000 investment can kick start an IceBorn Water & Ice Vending business where consumers can purchase ice and water in bulk at convenient locations.

Getting Started

To get going with a vending machine business, some research must be executed to identify the industry of interests. The Internet is a resource-rich platform to offer a plethora of choice vending machine businesses that are complete for a successful business venture.

There may be franchise opportunities in this industry but a retail vending machine falls more under a simple business opportunity.

A vending machine business encompasses a host of other costs which must be considered for a successful setup. The cost of the vending machine, stock, rental, tax, equipment maintenance, licenses and other may add up to quite a bit.

Hence, it is important for the interested consumer to review the total package before venturing into the a vending machine business that may incur a higher than expected cost.

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