How Much Does a Tattoo Cost?

For those who like body art, tattoos constitute a great way to remember dates, people, events or quotes that have a very great significance for you. If you are wondering how much does a tattoo cost, you should definitely know that there are many aspects that you have to be considerate towards when attempting to get one, especially if you want to get excellent results without investing your money pointlessly.

Of course, there are plenty of facets to be considered when you want to get a tattoo. If you plan to get a tattoo, you should definitely consider the follow aspects.


Depending on the body part where you want your tattoo to be, the ink artist might raise the price in order to accommodate your request. If that body part is smaller and not easily accessible, then you will end up paying more than if you were to get it on a more accessible body part. Let’s take this examples – tattoos on your neck cost $80 on average, but you can end up paying less than $50 if you get it on your wrist instead.

how much does a tattoo cost


The amount of detail in your tattoo is another aspect that matters extremely much. When you want to know how much does a tattoo cost, you should keep an eye on how detailed you want it to be. The more detail, the more you will have to pay. To estimate the costs, you can pay less than $40 for a tattoo that does not have much detail in it, or you can go over $100 if you request a body art work with plenty of details that make it complex and difficult to create.


If you are attempting to choose between a tattoo in black and grey or a more colorful one, budget should be an aspect to consider very closely. The more colorful your tattoo is, the more you will have to pay, as the artist will have to use more ink and the complexity will increase, too. Black/grey tattoos can cost $40-$50 on average, but you will be charged more than $80-$90 if you opt for a colorful one. Of course, if you want a tattoo in black and red only, you can pay less than $80, but this will also depend on the artist, which leads us to the following point.


Not all artists will charge you the same amounts of money for a tattoo. While some can set the price at $50 for a simple black/grey tattoo, others will change you more than $70. Nearly all artists will base their prices on the time, skill and products needed to create your tattoo, but they will also add some additional fees to increase their revenue. The more reliable the artist, the better price you will have to pay.

how much does a tattoo hurt


Do you want to know how much a tattoo cost? Think about size, which definitely is an obvious aspect that will influence the final price. Larger tattoos will definitely require more money, whilst smaller ones will keep the price at minimum. The size of your tattoo will directly influence the time that is necessary for creating your tattoo, which is an aspect that matters extremely much due to the fact that the artist will consider it carefully.

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