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[At $143 Million] Step Inside The Most Expensive House In China!

Built On A 1,663 Acre Estate, The Property Measures 72,065 Square Feet

most expensive house in china

If a giant mansion located on a private island next to a mystical lake sounds like ‘pure fantasy’ to you, then think again. The most expensive house in China seems like something you witness in fairylands, but if you can cough up the dough even fairies can be very much real!

The large scale industrialization and heavy inflow of foreign investment over the last decade has minted over 1,000,000 millionaires and over 213 billionaires in China, giving rise to a new class of ultra-rich Chinese who love to live large and splurge money on the finest things life has to offer them.

This ‘Ultra Luxury’ mansion named ‘Taohuayua’, which means ‘Utopia’ is located on a private island onlooking the Dushu Lake. It comes with 32 bedrooms and 32 bathrooms, a wine cellar, mist covered lake and an amazing infinity pool.

The property took 3 years to build and is made completely out of handcrafted bricks, it is also 100% compliant with Feng Shui with all rooms facing the south for more sun light, making it easy to market to Chinese buyers.

Within just a few days of listing, the property has already received quite a few offers from overseas and inland Chinese billionaires driving the price further through the roof. This beautiful mansion and its entire estate can be yours for a little over $140 Million, but if you can’t cough up the dough you’ll have to be content with the beautiful images below,

The Taohuayua is located on the Dushu Lake and covers a staggering 1,663 acres of land, it is currently the most expensive property listing in China.


The interiors of the house have been modeled on the traditional blend of East Asian and Modern design.

most expensive house china

 It took nearly 3 years to complete with all of the brickwork being handcrafted while following the traditional Xiangshanbang principles of architecture.

 The property also features a ‘Monster Walk-In’ wine cellar that will surely come in handy while throwing huge parties.

wine cellar

The traditional Chinese landscaping and garden has been modeled on the Classical Gardens of Suzhou, which has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Unesco gardens

 A lakeside infinity pool offers amazing views of The Dushu Lake, making it one of the best selling points of this property.

infinity pool

The Dushu Lake is by far the best features of the property, it often covers the gardens and various parts of the house with mist adding to the ‘Mystical’ and royal look of the property.

Such magnificent properties and world-class lifestyles may not be for you and me, but these images can surely help add more content to our dreams 🙂

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