How Much Does It Cost to Build a House

Building a house is one of the most important events in the life of a human being. Many are the times when one will sit and ask, how much does it cost to build a house?

There are several factors to be considered when one is estimating the cost of their house.

Not all houses cost the same and this greatly differs especially when it comes to the standard and the sizes of the houses.

Different building styles may also make the cost higher or lower according to the plan.

A house can be built for less than $35,000 or even it can cost you more than $500,000.

Here are a few determinants to the cost of building a house:

The materials to be used

Building a house will cost you more when you use some materials than when you use others. Use of glass and marble will certainly cost you a fortune as opposed to the use of bricks.

One can lower or increase the cost of the house they are building by choosing certain kinds of materials over others.

Some cheap materials to use in building a house include red bricks and wood. This may cost you little when building but they are not durable and they will not give good quality buildings as compared to marble and stone.


Building an apartment block will certainly cost you more than if you build a simple bungalow. This is because you will need all sorts of reinforcement materials to be added to the building to ensure it stands firmly on the ground.

Cost to Build a House

There may be extensive metal work to be done on the building and this will cost you as fortune. This is not the same with a bungalow.

You can make it sit on a larger space and make more room than building a storey as this will save you on the other costs. However, where land is limited, storied houses save space and give room for many people to live.


Various places have different building materials available for building houses. Land also costs more in some places than it does in others.

When one is living near a stone mine, building with stones will seem more logical than buying bricks and transporting them from a long way off.

People who are near woods will also benefit from good wood in the forests and so they may prefer to do some furnishing with it and also use it to make most of their furniture.

Social Class

Social class also matters a lot when it comes to the cost of building a house. One will need to sit down and list the things they will want their house to have before setting out to build it.

While having a gazebo may be an absolute must to a person who entertains prominent guests, it may not appear very important to a person who mainly works from the office.

Other aspects in a house that can be foregone or included are patios, fireplaces, and a grand foyer.

Only careful planning and considering all the resources that one has at their disposal will reveal the real cost of building a new house.

It is a worthy venture that is very rewarding.

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