How Much Does a Dog Bed Cost?

Cute Dog sharing his bed with kitty

Looking for an ideal place where your dog will retreat and lay his head is always ideal.

Do not let your dog sleep on your bed or couch. Look for somewhere comfortable and soft to call his home.

A dog bed is a basic need for your dog and it won’t cost a lot. The cost of a dog bed will depend with its shape, size, materials and color.

A standard dog bed with cushions and pillows without rims costs between 30 to 100 US dollars.

The dog beds are made of different materials and this highly affects the price as some may cost as much as $150. Some materials which are used include fleece, denim, microfiber and faux.

How much does a dog bed cost – in details:

The costs of a dog bed usually vary with the quality of the bed. There are some which are of low quality and others are expensive based on the design fashion used.

Here are some of the dog beds that are available in the market with different cost-

Top paw gel memory foam lounger

Top paw gel memory foam lounger is a standard dog bed that costs between 31.99 to 47.99 US dollars. This bed is made with comfortable foam padding.

Cute Dog sharing his bed with kitty

The bed has enhanced airflow making it a luxury pet sofa. It has durable and removable cover which enhances easy washing. It contours the dog’s body for greater support and comfort.

Comforpedic memory foam pet Napper

Comforpedic memory foam pet Napper is one of the expensive dog bed that costs between 93.99 to 161.99 dollars. This bed provides your dog with a superior comfort as she sleeps.

The used NxG advanced memory foam provides your dog with perfect combination of soft and firm support. The bed dissipates heat maintaining the ideal temperature.

K & H lector kennel heated pad

K&H lector kennel heated pad is another dog bed that costs between 46.99 to 127.99 US dollars. The pad is recommended for both indoor and outdoor use. This is because they are thermostatically controlled to warm your dog’s bed.

They have a sleek smooth design that provides the required comfort to your dog. An internal thermostat maintains the dog’s body temperature. The fleece cover is removable and washable.

Snoozer luxury cozy cave dog bed

The cost of a snoozer luxury cozy cave dog bed is between 71 to 104.99 US dollars. The cozy cave shape provides an excellent design for your dog to stay warm. It is a nesting dog bed perfect for a dog to stay under the cover. The cover of the material is removable and washable.

Sta-put full fit furniture

Sta-put full fit furniture is an ideal dog’s bed and sofa that costs between 71.99 to 80.99 US dollars. This dog bed has luxurious fabric that is stain resistant. The fabric panel is used as coverage to cushions and arms.

Carolina pet personalized kuddle bed

If you need to keep your dog at a luxurious and comfortable environment, then purchase Carolina pet personalized kuddle bed. This dog bed costs around 70 to 145.99 US dollars.

The bed is design in such a shape that is ideal for your dog to curl up in. it has a velvet microfiber bolsters. This provides your dog with warmth and comfort required.

Different varieties of dog beds are available and depending with the shape, color, size and materials, they will all cost differently but affordably. Provide your dog with basic needs through a great bed that costs affordably.

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