How Much Does Zerona Cost?

Zerona Cost

Zerona is a new laser technology that allows for non-intrusive liposuction surgery for removing excess fat from the body.

How much does Zerona cost?

That is the question posed by many fitness fans. There is no easy answer to that since the cost depends on your geographical area, the specialist performing the procedure, and the amount of fat to be removed from the body.

For small to intermediate fat removal, most specialists charge around $2,000 to $3,500 the full treatment program. This consists of 6 laser sessions that last around 40 minutes to 90 minutes each over a 2 weeks period.

Most specialists will only do 40 minute sessions to avoid over-exposure of patients to the laser treatment though no adverse effects have been reported. As a cosmetic procedure, it is not covered by Medicare or other insurance plans.

Is Zerona An Effective Liposuction Treatment?

Knowing the price, patients will then want to know what value they are getting for their money. Zerona has been shown to be effective and efficient at removing fat deposits especially around the waist.

It is a great procedure for body contour as it helps dissipate those stubborn fat deposits that seem unresponsive to dieting, exercise, and other weight loss programs. Zerona uses the patented Low Level Laser Technology that has been clinically proven to create fat membrane pores that dispel fat from the body.

Though the laser in Zerona operates cold, this is enough to dissolve the target fat cells found in fat tissue and the dissolved fat is then expelled from the body using the natural filtration processes. Zerona is an FDA-approved procedure which works well as long as the patient combines it with exercise and a healthy diet.

Zerona Cost

Are There Any Side Effects To Zerona Treatment?

No patients have so far reported any major side effects to the zerona treatment. In fact, specialists recommend the procedure as a spa-like experience. It is meant to relax the patient who may opt to listen to soft music, or white noise.

The patient may also opt to make phone calls, catch up with some work, or read a book during the procedure. The laser treatment does not produce any sensation on the skin and there is no discomfort, pain, inflammation, or irritation.

Which Areas Are Treated Using Zerona?

The zerona laser technology can theoretically be used on any part of the body. Nevertheless, the parts most targeted by specialists include the waist, thighs, hips, buttocks, back, arms, knees, and calves.

Who Should Go For Zerona Treatment?

Zerona is just like any other cosmetic procedure such as teeth whitening or removing a mole. It is for anyone who needs to improve how they look. However, while zerona has been clinically proven to be adept at removing fat deposits, it is not ideal for everyone.

The best candidates for zerona treatment are those that are already close to or already have attained their ideal weight. Zerona is thus used mostly for body contour and body toning by targeting fat pockets that do not respond to diet and exercise.

The ideal candidates should be individuals who are already on a weight loss regimen, an exercise program, or a diet program and have achieved their ideal body weight already. Individuals who have a lot of body fat to remove should not expect any significant changes using zerona.

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