How Much Does a Window Cost

Windows are the most essential parts of a wall in a house. Exactly how much does a window cost and how can one make the total costs reasonable compared to the house building cost?

Windows not only serve the aesthetic purpose because they also let in light into the house.

However designed, windows should be able to serve this important purpose without fail. This is because dark and gloomy houses can never look good no matter how competently designed they are.

Window installers are the only ones who can accurately estimate how much it will cost you to install your windows.

Factors affecting window costs


There are so many materials and designs that can be invested in making windows. Of course the best materials and the most common are glass windows. Plain glass is cheaper than stained glass and will be easier to find and buy.

Stained glass windows are found on statuesque buildings where the builders are not sparing any expense in building them. The frames can be made of anything ranging from wood to metallic frames and also concrete.

However they are designed, windows should be large enough to let in light and also let in fresh air when opened.

Size and dimension

Window CostLuxuriously built houses can normally be spotted because of the size of the windows. Large windows that take up the entire wall will definitely cost a fortune but their convenience and aesthetic beauty cannot be underestimated.

Large windows will mean larger sizes for the glass and larger frames. They will also need to be very well designed in order to enhance the aesthetic value of the house. This is because they will be more obvious from afar than if they are merely normally sized and only take a small fraction of the wall.


There are many types of windows according to their functions. Normal windows that let in light into the house will cost reasonably.

However, if they have any energy saving features in them, they will cost you more.

Windows that are bullet proof and those that cannot be easily broken in case of a burglary will cost you a fortune. Some people may prefer to invest in these kinds of windows in order to ensure security in their homes.

Storm windows need to be strong and durable and they can be made of hard wood and other materials that are able to withstand harsh weather. They should also be built in such a way that they can be removed when summer comes.

Materials for frames

There is a wide range of materials that can be used to make window frames. The most commonly used materials in most parts of the world are aluminum and steel frames.

Wood is also widely used but it is not as durable. Vinyl, fiberglass and Cellular PVC have also become popular for window frames because of their durability and convenience. They will also greatly affect the window cost as each material differs in cost from the other.

One should discuss the best options for their houses with the contractor. Replacement windows will need to be built stronger to ensure durability.

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