How Much Does a Washing Machine Cost?

Washing Machine

A washing machine is an important washer that simplifies and transforms the lives of many individuals.

Before purchasing a washing machine either for commercial or private purpose, it is important to consider the initial cost of purchasing and maintaining it.

A washing machine adds up to your electric bills and therefore, choosing an efficient machine is paramount importance as it will reduce the general cost.

There are different types of machines available in the market and which cost differently.

The cost for a washing machine ranges between $ 500 to $ 1500 based on their capacity, size, power and efficiency. The following article focus on the cost of different washing machines.

Maytag MWC425BW centennial series

The cost of this washing machine is between 489 to 539.99 US dollars. It is one of the most efficient top load washers that is better built to facilitate cleaning of even toughest loads of clothes.

It has a fountain impeller that helps to clean your load by repeatedly scooping water, clothes and detergent from the bottom moving them upwards. It is has a corrosive resistant springs and a commercial grade motor to increase its efficiency.

Washing Machine Cost

LG wave WT5070CW washer

LG wave WT5070CW washer costs consumers between 749 to 895 US dollars to purchase it. It is much more expensive but suitable to wash a big load as it has a huge top loader.

The only disadvantage of this washer is that it spins clothes faster twisting them and you have to untwist before drying.

LG 4.5 Cu. washer

The cost of LG 4.5 Cu ranges between 805.5 to 809.99 US dollars. It is a top load washer that allows washing of toughest loads of clothes.

Its high power efficiency provides a great power wash cycle that allows removal of stains from your clothes. It has a through rinsing and high cleaning action.

Friqidaire FAQE7111LW washing machine

This is a washing machine suitable for private homes. It costs 500 US dollars according to Amazon. It has a front loading capacity with 5 temperature settings and 6 rotational cycles. Its digital control system increases its efficiency and the painted steel prevents rusting.

Friqidaire FAFW3001LW

Friqidaire FAFW3001LW is a washer whose costs range between 500 to 600 US dollars. It has a front load capacity with a higher rotational speed of 1100 revolutions per minute.

It has a last cycle memory which allows fresh water rinsing. What makes it more unique is its silent design that is facilitated by its vibration control system.

General electric GTWPP2000FWW washer

This type of washer costs between 499 to 539 US dollars. It has a dual agitator system that moves the clothes around the washer.

The rotary electric controls allows for ease of use. Despite its slow speed of 630 RPM, it removes the rinsing water so as to make the drying time shorter.

Samsung WF393TPAWR front load washer

The cost of this washer is 848 to 929 US dollars. It is a super capacity washer that allows washing of more clothes in just a few loads.

This facilitates water and electricity saving making it highly efficient. It provides smooth operation at a higher speed which reduces the washing time. It uses steam which removes stubborn stains such as grease.

For this reason, before purchasing a washing machine it is important to consider how much it cost together with its maintenance cost and efficiency.

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