How Much Does a Vasectomy Cost?

Vasectomy is a permanent birth control for men. It is also referred to as male sterilization and is done to block the vas deferen tubes (sperm ducts). Sperms can’t flow out of the testicles and thus preventing pregnancy.

The surgical operation involves two incisions in the scrotum. Through the incisions made, the doctor cuts and seals the sperm duct thus prevent sperms from reaching the semen.

This means that the semen of a man who has undergone vasectomy will be sperm free. It is a painless surgical procedure that is carried out quickly under local anaesthetic.

Details about the cost of Vasectomy:

Vasectomy is very cheap compared to other surgical operations. Notably, the cost of vasectomy is five times less than that of tubal ligation. The cost of vasectomy may defer depending on your country or state of residence, surgical technique used or the medical facility visited.

You can have vasectomy in a clinic, doctors office, or hospital/outpatient medical facility. Vasectomy is done by a urologist who is certified by the board.

The cost of vasectomy in the United States ranges between $300-$2000. The amount of money paid covers:

  • Initial consultation fee
  • Actual vasectomy procedure
  • Anaesthesia
  • Follow-up semen analysis visits- two to three semen analysis are done after the vasectomy

You are likely to pay may more for vasectomy carried out in an outpatient medical facility as facility fee may be included during the calculation of total cost of the entire procedure.

Vasectomy Cost

Where Can You Get Assistance From When Paying For The Procedure?

You can get a medical insurance cover from health insurance companies. If you have a medical cover, a large portion of vasectomy cost will be paid by the insurance company.

If you do not have an insurance cover, doctors may use the sliding scale fee. Sliding scale fee is determined from your income.

Possible Ways To Save Money During Vasectomy

You can determine from your doctor whether discounts are available. In most cases, you will get discount on vasectomy cost once you make a cash payment.

You can also seek for financial assistance from the state.

Type of Vasectomy Procedures

There are two types of vasectomy procedures: conventional vasectomy/incision method and no-incision vasectomy. Notably, the cost for the two types of vasectomy is the same.

Reasons Why You Might Require Vasectomy

  • If you don’t want to have more children.
  • If you don’t want to pass on heredity illness to children.
  • If pregnancy is a threat to the partners health.
  • If use of contraceptives has side effects.
  • If you want to exercise birth control at a lower price-in this case, vasectomy is considered cheaper than tubal ligation.

Risks associated with vasectomy are rare. You will only become uncomfortable during the operation and your scrotum will also be bruised.

The scrotum will also swell but this condition will last for a few days. In fact, you are allowed to leave the facility within the first day of operation.

Can Vasectomy Be Reversed?

Vasectomy reversal costs $4000 to $15000 and you will not be covered by the insurance company if you choose to have it done.

Vasectomy reversal does not guarantee restoration of fertility. Have a clear mind before you decide to have vasectomy to avoid regrets.

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