How Much Does a Stove Cost?

Stove Cost

Stove is an important kitchen appliance that provides all essential heating.

Based on consumers’ strong preferences, there are two basic types of stoves which cost differently.

These are electric and gas stoves. Before buying a stove, it is important to consider your budget.

An electric stove costs less compared to gas stove but in the long run, you find the cost for operating and maintain a gas stove is lower compared to an electric stove.

How much does a stove cost?

The cost of a stove can be as reduced as 400 US dollars and as much as 7,000 US dollars. This will depend whether it is a gas or an electric stove.

For a gas stove, the cost will depend on the size, material and type of gas used. For an electric gas stove, the cost will depend with the material, power and safety of the stove.

To dig deeper, here are the cost of some of the electric and gas stoves highly available in the market.

Samsung NE58F9710WS

Samsung NE58F9710WS is an electric stove that costs between 2,069.99 to 2,299 US dollars according to Amazon. It is a stove with strong impressions due to its stunning look and the presence of an oven cavity separator that makes its use safe and simple.

Stove Cost

Dacor RR30NIFS Renaissance induction stove

This is an electric stove. The cost of Dacor RR30NIFS Renaissance induction stove according to ABT electronics is 5,299 US dollars. The high cost of the stove is because of an introduced induction range that uses a magnetic field. This induction range helps the stove to save energy while cooking food faster.

LG LRG3093ST-range freestanding gas stove

This is a stainless steel gas stove that cost between 1,168 to 1,178 US dollars. It uses butane gas which has high heat output. The stainless steel protects the stove from rusting. The steel also increases the stove durability and strength. Additionally, the stove has a super-boil burner.

Kitchen-Aid KGSS907XSP pro stove

Kitchen-Aid KGSS907XSP pro stove is a gas stove that has an in-built stainless steel. The cost of the stove is 2,069.99 US dollars. It has permanently sealed burners that increase its energy conservation and safety of use. Its stainless steel protects the stove from rust and the presence of triple burners allow for multiple use of the stove.

Kitchen-Aid KDRS407VSS professional dual electric stove

The cost of this electric stove is 3,779.99 US dollars. Its cast iron grates makes it strong and durable. It has ultra power burners which distribute the heat more evenly. The smooth top makes it suitable for pots. Additionally, the stove can be used as a gas stove.

Whirlpool WFG540HOAS gas stove

The costs of Whirlpool WFG540HOAS gas stove is between 740 to 900 US dollars. It has a stainless steel with dishwasher safer grates at the top. The stove is easier to gauge and adjust the gas produced. It has a sealed burner and this allows easy cleaning.

With many options available, individuals can be overwhelmed while deciding which stove to purchase. It is important for such buyers to consider both the purchasing and maintenance cost of each and every stove.

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