How Much Does a Piano Cost?

Pianos are beautifully designed musical instruments know to produce amazing sounds when being used by accomplished musicians.

Just like many other music enthusiasts, you may be very interested in getting you own piano, hence the question likely to linger on your mind next is “how much does a piano cost?

To help you have an idea of exactly how much a piano costs, first off, here are a few factors to take into consideration when getting a piano since they directly influence the pricing. They include:

1. Who is the piano for? Are you interested in getting the piano for yourself?, your husband?, wife?, daughter?, relative?, family etc

2. What is the reason for wanting to buy a piano? Are you planning on buying the piano simply for lessons on how to play it?, or do you intend to have it serve as an household ornament?, or may be is it simply for an upcoming event e.g. a wedding?

3. What is the amount of space do you have available for the piano in your house, apartment or condo?

4. Finally, are you going to charge with the responsibility of maintaining the piano, take note, this must be someone who is ready to tune and polish it regularly.

Usually, keyboards which are half sized with in-built softwares for learning how to play cost anything between $200 and $250.

Digital keyboards on the other hand with all 88 keys cost anything between $ 500 and $ 2,000 depending with the manufacturer. Some of the best brands at the moment include the Yamaha and the Casio.

Upright PianoUpright pianos also sell for an average of between $1,000 and 1,900 depending with the manufacturer. The studio models and consoles, however sell for slightly more that is nothing less than $2,000.

Grand pianos though commonly known for their use to decorate living rooms are not cheap as well. These types of pianos [grand pianos] are available in three sizes, the baby grand which is not more than six feet long, the grand which is usually nine feet in length and finally the concert grand which is more than nine feet in length.

In terms of pricing, the baby grand piano starts at $4,000 to around $ 5,000. The price of the grand piano ranges from $10,000 to 50,000. The concert grand pianos also range in price from $ 30,000 sometimes up to $100,000.

In case you are seriously thinking of getting a piano then start by simply carrying out a search on craigslist. Here you will have a chance to compare and contrast and also have the opportunity to bargain anytime round the clock.

Alternatively, you can check the ads on your local dailies for piano prices. While searching online or offline for deals on piano, it is advised that you focus on music stores the most. This is because following the downturn of the economy, very few if any people are buying high priced musical instruments i.e. pianos.

This being the case, to avoid going out of business music store owners have resorted to selling off remaining musical items at reduce prices.

For instance, the grand piano previously with a tag of $4,000 might end up being sold at $1,000 or less. This is obviously very good news especially if you were out wondering how much a piano cost?

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