How Much Does a Nose Job Cost?

Nose Job

You have surely asked Google at least once, “How much does a nose job cost?”.

Also known as rhinoplasty, the nose job is one of many surgeries that charge the patient very much based on many factors and, compared to the LASIK eye surgery cost, the nose job is the most expensive option you have.

However, if you consider it absolutely necessary, you have to take into consideration multiple aspects that can help you determine the average price of the rhinoplasty, so you will be able to lower your expenditures while obtaining satisfactory results.


Performing a nose job surgery is usually influenced by your location, as its cost might be higher or lower.

Based on the State you live in, you can pay between $5.000 and $10.000 per surgery and, if you are lucky enough, this cost might be lower.

Most States will offer you prices that range from $5.500 to $7.000, but there are also other ones that will charge you more than that, making the surgery more expensive (mostly Ohio and Alabama).

However, the State you live in is not the only aspect you have to consider when it comes to your location, as the city and zip code of your area might be even more relevant to this matter.

The Type Of Surgery You Opt For

One very important aspect you should consider while searching for how much does a nose job cost is the type of surgery you will opt for.


Nose Job Cost


Surprisingly, there are four different types of rhinoplasty, each of them charging you different amounts of money: primary open nose job will cost you approximately $5.000; primary closed nose job will cost you $3.500-$4.000; secondary open nose job will cost you $6.000 on average; secondary closed nose job will cost you up to $10.000.

The Dose Of Anaesthesia

Even though this might seem completely inappropriate, the clinic you will perform the surgery at will charge you for the anaesthesia, as well.

The average price might vary, but the main point when it comes to this matter is that, based on how much anaesthesia your organism needs, you will pay lower or higher prices.

For instance, if you need only a regular dose, you will pay approximately $500; in case of a higher dose, the price might be greater than $750.

The Clinic And Surgeon

The clinic and surgeon you opt for when you want to perform a job nose are two very important aspects to consider, as they will influence the total cost of the surgery at a great deal.

Opting for a professional and reputable clinic means spending greater amounts of money (between $6.000 and $10.000).

Choosing a less popular, but still experienced and skilled surgeon will offer you good results, as well, allowing you to pay lower prices (between $5.000 and $7.500).

It is up to you to decide which option suits you best, but do not forget to consider the additional fees you will have to pay after the surgery, when you will need continuous consultations in order to make sure that it was a success.

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