How Much Does A Nanny Cost?


Hiring a nanny for your child might represent a pretty high investment for your budget, as there are many details to consider in this regard, including your location and the person you choose as your nanny.

It is absolutely necessary to opt specifically for a reliable person who can take care of your child appropriately.

Thus, you will want to choose a trusted nanny company that will provide you a professional individual to offer you childcare services.


How much does a nanny cost? Your location is one of the main aspects you should consider when wondering yourself about this issue.

Based on the State you live in, you can pay prices that are lower than $300 per week (in California, North and South Carolina), but you can also encounter prices that successfully exceed $500 (Michigan, Oregon, Alabama).

The average price of a nanny ranges mostly between $350 and $450, but these values might be higher if you opt for a long-term nanny.

The Right Person

Nanny CostYou have numerous aspects to consider when it comes to hiring a nanny – you are free to choose either a person you already know or an authorized nanny from a local company.

Of course, choosing a person you know will help you save important amounts of money you would otherwise spend on an authorized nanny: $8-$10 per hour or $50 per day, based on your needs.

An authorized nanny will demand higher prices that can exceed $750 in some situations, depending on the company you choose and their requirements.

Types Of Services You Need

One of the most important details you should take into consideration when wondering how much does a nanny cost is the type of services you are seeking.

If you want a nanny only for a few hours, you should opt for hourly payment. Depending on the person you choose (an acquaintance or an authorized nanny), the hourly payment ranges between $8 and $30 per hour, summing up to $32-$120 per service.

If, on the other hand, you need a long-term nanny, you should expect prices between $350 and $750, as you might need to pay additional fees for different other facilities included.

The Age Of Your Child/Children

The age of your child or children is extremely relevant in this regard, as you have to opt for a nanny who is professionally trained in order to make sure that she is reliable enough.

If you need a nanny to take care of your 2-10-year old child, you will have to pay a price somewhere between $300 and $500, while these values might increase if you need a nanny for a 11-15-year old teenager, which will add another $200-$300 to this price.

Other Costs To Consider

If you are opting for a long-term nanny, you should know that you will practically hire an employee, so you will have to spend important amounts of money on her health insurance and living.

Thus, apart from the $350-$750 you pay her directly, you will have to add another $500-$700 to pay her health insurance, which will sum up to $1000-$1500 monthly.

If you will not pay her health insurance, you will have to higher your hourly payments in order to compensate this.

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