How Much Does a Microwave Cost?

Women with Microwave

A microwave is an important kitchen device that is used in different ways such as warming and cooking food.

The costs of microwaves vary between the type, size and power which define the purpose for use.

Many microwaves available in the market cost as less as $90 but some such as commercial steam microwaves range between 1000-2000 US dollars.

Different types of microwaves with their cost

How Much Does a Microwave Cost? Microwaves have come a long way as suitable kitchen appliances. Generally, there are two basic types of microwaves with different costs – Countertop and Over range microwaves.

The choice depends on consumers’ sort of microwave that best suits their lifestyle. It also depends on the available kitchen space. Consumers’ kitchens are of different size thus the manufacturers provide different microwave sizes at different costs.

Countertop microwaves are the most popular and highly available to average consumers. Countertop microwaves such as Emerson 900 watts cost 60 US dollars while the Emerson stainless steel microwave cost 89 US dollars.

This type of countertop microwaves has lots of advantages apart from being quite affordable. First, they are generally used by individuals who frequently move from one place to another or those who do not own their homes. This is because their reduced size makes them portable. Secondly, one only needs to have an access to a wall plug and a surface space.

Women with Microwave

According to Amazon, a Panasonic genius prestige NN-SD997S cost 219.99 US dollars while a GE profile countertop microwave cost 305 US dollars. Conventional built-in stainless steel such as Haier HMC1285SESS microwave costs approximately 125.30 US dollars from home depot Inc.

The advantage of this microwave is that it has an in-built stainless steel that prevents it from rusting. It uses a sensor cook technology that employs a heating element and a fan that distributes the hot air evenly. This allows even cooking.

Commercial microwaves have different costs depending on the size and power. The reason for their high cost is because the microwaves are designed for commercial purposes. Furthermore, they need to be well built because their use is extremely heavy. Conventional steam microwaves cost up to 2000 US dollars.

Built-in or over range microwaves cost slightly higher than countertop microwaves. This is because the built-in microwaves are well designed to fit in with a décor and a built-in fan. Furthermore, these microwaves need to be professionally installed.

One such example is the whirlpool microwave that has stainless steel built-in and uses a sensor technology. The cost of this microwave is $249.99 at Amazon. The built-in microwaves are more powerful than most of countertops.

Other important features of this type of microwave are the lights, clocks and a large user interface. According to zoro tools, sharp carousel R-331ZS microwave costs between 200 to 228.10 US dollars. This has 5 automatic cooking and reheats functions.

This shows that it depends on the microwave size and their uses. There are various microwaves options available in the market. You can get a small one with as low as 80 US dollars or a middle size with as much as 250-500 US dollars.

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