How Much Does a Mammogram Cost?

Mammogram Cost

The threat of cancer has many men and women concerned and for that, many try to get an annual mammogram.

However, for those who have never had one done before the question on their minds is usually “Exactly How Much Does A Mammogram Cost?

The national Cancer Coalition puts the estimates for having a mammogram as $214 for the national minimum price, $270 as the national average price, and $1,050 as the maximum price nationally.

Mammogram prices vary according to State, the hospital or institution, the radiographer, and whether both breasts are being scanned or only one.

What Is A Mammogram?

A mammogram is a type of x-ray for imaging the breast area. The image is used by radiologists and other qualified specialists to conduct tissue examinations and detect any growths or deformities. To produce the image, the breast issue is exposed to a small amount of harmless iodizing radiation.

Why You Need a Mammogram?

Mammogram CostA mammogram is a safe imaging method that often detects a breast lump even before it can be felt. The mammogram image is also very effective at identifying tiny calcium clusters known as microcalcifications.

Though most of these microcalcifications are harmless, some patterns are indicative of breast cancer. When specks or lumps are identified, they may require further testing as they do not always mean the patient has cancer. Some other causes include cysts and fatty cells.

Who Should Get A Mammogram?

Everyone should get a mammogram as part of the regular medical checkup. This helps detect any signs of cancer at the earliest possible moment for early preventive and curative care or treatment.

Nevertheless, women who are above 40 years of age need to schedule at least one mammogram each year. This applies to other women considered to be exposed to high risk factors such as tobacco smoking.

What Happens If Mammogram Shows Abnormal Image

If the specialist sees any abnormalities in a mammogram, then the doctor may propose further tests to ascertain what the abnormalities are. Some of the more common tests include ultrasounds and MRIs.

If these secondary tests still show chances of cancerous cells, then the radiologist can recommend for a biopsy to be done. In a biopsy, cells are removed from affected areas and tested for the presence of cancer.

Where to Get Low-Cost or Free Mammograms

In the US, institutions such as the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) provide screening and diagnostic services for under-served, uninsured, and low-income women.

These services can be obtained through your particular state’s Medicaid benefits. Where the services are not free, the patient may be asked to pay just administrative fees which may only amount to around $25. The centers may also charge subsidized charges fees of $100 for both or just one breast.

Screening and Diagnostic Facilities

Whether you are going for free or premium-rate mammograms, the facility has to conform to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) standards.

The FDA conducts thorough inspections of all mammogram facilities, equipment, and staff to ensure they comply with set standards. Before going into any facility for a mammogram, first check whether they are FDA approved.

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