How Much Does a Laptop Cost

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Technology can be a great thing, but it comes at a price, so how much does a laptop cost?

The truth is that the cost of a laptop can vary greatly.

First of all, you have to consider what kind of laptop you want. The type of laptop that you decide to get will have a big impact on the overall price of everything.

Some laptops will require you to buy more equipment and add on hardware, while others will be higher quality and cost more for that.

Typically, someone who buys a regular laptop for everyday use will expect to pay between $400 and $800.

If a customer is looking for a better gaming computer, a machine that will play all of their video games in high definition with the highest Internet speeds possible, these laptops can cost upwards of $1,000 plus the cost of additional software and hardware.

Once you have the laptop, you will also need to consider buying other things like a laptop desk, a mouse, headphones, chargers, expanded hard drives, flash drives, additional memory, and anything else that you might need. On average, most customers who buy these things spend around $200 for it.

While most laptops come with a certain amount of programs and software already installed, there are some that will require you to download nearly everything.

You may also need to buy other programs that wouldn’t come with the laptop such as Microsoft Office or Photoshop. For any additional programs that you have to buy, you can expect to pay between $25 and $50 for it, depending on the program.

If you are worried about the costs of everything, there are ways that you can save some money.

First of all, you can find some pretty great prices on refurbished computers.

In many cases, you will only be charged half of the price of a new computer if you buy a refurbished laptop instead. This is a great way to save your money, however some people do not trust refurbished technology and you may be better off just getting the brand new one—in the long run, it might last you longer, it all depends.

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One other way that you can save a great deal of money is to shop online. If there is anything at all that you need, you can most likely find it on Amazon.com for a much better price than you get at in-store deals.

You can typically get a good price, cheap shipping, and a satisfaction guarantee that will protect you so that you are able to make a safe purchase and return it if there are any problems with it within a set amount of time.


There are a lot of different things that you can do to save money, but overall a laptop is a major purchase and there is no real way for you to get it cheaply.

Just make sure that you know a lot about the laptop that you select in the end so that you don’t find out later that it wasn’t what you wanted.

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