How Much Does an Inground Pool Cost?

Inground Pool Cost

An inground swimming pool offers many advantages over a public pool.

Public pools are usually crowded in the summer (when you need them the most), offers less privacy and may not be open 24/7.

The question: ‘how much does an inground swimming pool cost?’ is a tough one.

However, an average size pool constructed from average materials is expected to cost around $25,000 – $100,000.

The cost breakdown:

1) Lining Material used

The cost of an inground swimming pool primarily depends upon the type of lining material used. There are three types of lining materials:

a) Vinyl – This is the cheapest type. Since vinyl is flexible, it can be applied to any pool, irrespective of the pool’s shape. However, the vinyl coating is very thin (20-30mm) and therefore, can get easily damaged by children, pets or sharp objects. A vinyl lining can be expected to last for 7-15 years. An average sized vinyl lined pool will cost around $25,000.

b) Gunite (concrete) – This is more expensive than vinyl, but is more durable. Gunite offers even more flexibility than vinyl. Tanning edges, beach entries and vanishing edges can all be modeled out of a Gunite lining.

However, the maintenance costs are relatively high since the pool has to be constantly cleaned to prevent the growth of algae. An average sized Gunite lined pool will cost around $50,000.

Inground Pool Cost

c) Fiberglass – Fiberglass is considered to be the premium lining material for inground pools. Fiberglass has very low maintenance costs since it is durable, non-porous and prevents the growth of algae.

However, fiberglass cannot be modeled into complex shapes and sizes since it is relatively rigid (compared to Vinly and Gunite). An average size fiberglass pool costs around $80,000.

2) Size of the pool

The size of the pool is calculated as: width x height x depth. For an inground pool of average depth, the cost is around $50 per square foot. However, that figure can vary greatly, depending upon the depth of the pool.

For example, a kiddie’s pool (which is relatively shallow) will cost around $25 per square foot, while the cost for a deep pool can go up to $75 per square foot.

3) Shape of the pool

The standard shape for an inground pool is rectangular. Custom shapes will increase the total cost of the pool. The cost is tied to the complexity of the pool’s shape. The higher the complexity of the shape, the higher the cost.

4) Extra Costs

There are many extra features that can be added to an inground pool. These include:

a) Fencing – Fencing is especially important if your yard is not enclosed by a wall or if you have children. Otherwise, children and pets can drown in your pool and you may be held responsible.

b) Diving boards – They can cost upwards of $400, depending upon the height and the type of materials used. Remember that higher diving boards will require a deeper pool.

c) Lighting – If you are planning to use the pool at night, lighting will be necessary. Pool lights come in many different shapes and sizes.

Tips to save money

1) Do-it-yourself kits – Many vendors offers D.I.Y kits for inground swimming pools. A D.I.Y kit for an average sized pool typically costs around $16,000-$25,000. If you don’t mind doing all the work yourself, this will be a good option.

2) Shop around – The exact cost of an inground pool depends heavily on the contractor hired. Ask several contractors for price estimates and check their backgrounds before making a final decision.

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