How much does it cost to put a dog down

We all want to help our beloved dog cross the threshold from life into death, peacefully and gently and hence we should know how much does it cost to put a dog down and the process of putting the dog down. Dogs are considered man’s best companion and hence is the most common pet animal. For most of the owners they are more of a family member than an animal. So the thought of putting a dog down is both agonizing and arduous. But most of the time we are forced to take this decision seeing the pain and suffering of our loved pet. The other factor leading to this decision is the ever increasing veterinary costs. Many pet owners euthanize their pets as they cannot afford the treatment. Just like preparing for the funeral of a human, there are real-world costs involved in this process and one needs to understand how much does it cost to put a dog down.

How much does it cost to put a dog down?

putting a dog down

Pet euthanasia is a planned death, usually by painless injection. Owners may choose euthanizing a dog that have reached the end of a comfortable, happy life, have physical problems for which the treatment is too expensive, or are brutal and unmanageable. Once the decision is taken, it is better to be prepared and have a clear picture of how much does it cost to put the dog down.

Similar to humans, putting a dog down has a number of price variables –

• Euthanizing a dog performed in a veterinary office depends on where you live, If you live in a rural area, chances are most things are going to be less expensive than if you live in a big metropolitan area and the cost would be in the range of $75 – $350
• Euthanizing a dog performed at home is where the veterinarian comes to the home to perform the euthanasia, the cost can vary depending upon ‘additional services’ or the amount of veterinary effort that’s been put in. There are other services like removal of your dog’s body, and cremation and memorial options. The size and weight of your dog also impacts the pricing because a bigger dog requires a larger dose of drugs, with this the costs can vary between $300 and $800
• And that’s not all — there are other add-ons available to ensure that dog’s passing is unforgettable and beautiful experience. Ask to include a paw print, private cremation where the ashes are given away in attractive box or in an urn. The urn in some cases is charged with an additional fee. The additional cost coming up with these extras is hard to estimate as it can vary by each service provider’s. For instance, a high-quality marble urn to store your dog’s ashes could cost up to $100 whereas the other pet crematories may allow you to bring your own ash receptacle at no charge. Many pet cremation services will provide a certificate of death and a souvenir, like an actual paw-print key chain. The cost for memorable paw-print picture frame kits may start from $50.

The above mentioned cost variables will help you understand how does it cost to put a dog down and plan your budget accordingly. It is also a good idea to pay for your dog’s euthanasia in advance of the ‘Day’. That way you don’t have to worry about payment at a time when your emotions are running high, or have the heartbreak when you get the bill later on. Discussing about money seems absolute insensitive at a time like this, but these costs are very much essential for all dog owners to know. The better you plan for the financial impacts of putting a dog down, the cooler it will be to stay in the moment and say good-bye.

If you decide to stay with your dog while euthanizing a dog is highly personal. Many people choose to stay with their dogs in order to comfort the dog and to provide themselves a kind of closure. Some others may feel comfortable in knowing that his / her face was the last thing their beloved pet saw. However, witnessing this procedure may not be good, if you’re not prepared for what may happen during the process of  putting a dog down.

It would be better to find out whatever you can about the process and try to be objective as you consider whether to stay or not. The question of whether kids should witness a dog’s euthanasia is challenging. Many vets advise against allowing a child under the age of 10 to see the dogs die as seeing a beloved dog’s death may traumatize a young child. On the other hand, an older child may want to be with the dog  while euthanizing a dog. As long as your vet is okay with the kid’s presence, let your kid decide, and it is not advisable to force your vet to choose either way.

Talking about the cost involved seems downright unmoved at a time like this but these figures are important for all the dog owners to know. Hope you got a fair idea on the process of putting a dog down and you are also able to understand how much does it cost to put a dog down. This helps to plan your financial repercussions of putting a dog down and that will make things easier and will help you to stay in the moment and better deal with the situation.

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