How Much Does A Keg Cost?

A Keg is a small barrel which is most commonly used to store and transport beer. But how much does a keg cost? That is the question that we all pose when considering of buying a keg for a party or for home use. The cost of a keg depends on the type of beer, size of keg and the normal pricing in your area. A keg cost anywhere between $62 and hundreds of dollars. The cost of a keg really depends on the type of beer that you get with it. For a cheaper beer, the cost of keg will also be cheaper. You can go to any liquor or beer/wine stores and get to know the pricing according to your area.

People love beer and love to try new types of beer while partying with the friends or hanging out with them. And sometimes they even try brewing their own. So the next step is to buy the appropriate keg. The big question is to decide which type of keg they should get. As there are six types of kegs which are available in the market. These are Mini keg (5 Liters) , Cornelius keg ( 18.9 liters ) , Sixth Barrel (19.8 liters), Quarter Barrel keg (29.3 liters) , Slim Quarter (29.3 liters) and Half Barrel (58.7 liters). So on the basis of your need and purpose you can decide that which keg you should buy. The average cost of a keg ranges from $60 to $180. The exact cost of the keg will differ according to its size.

how many beers in a keg

The purchase of kegs will help us in saving money as compared to the purchase of cans of beer. And every one of us will be happy to save a little money. Let’s consider Budweiser as an example as it is quite popular in America. The cost of a six pack of Budweiser light beer is around $5.50 in a local market and if we calculate, it’s approximately around 91 cents per can. And the cost of a half keg of bud light is around $90 and contains 165 beverages or around 15.5 gallons. However, by considering the purchase of cans of beer where each can costs 90 cents and if we will calculate it for 165 beverages, it will be equal to $150.

how much does a keg cost

So, by purchasing the kegs of beer rather than cans of beer, we are saving a total of $60. Moreover if we consider the environmental impact of cans of beer, the reusable kegs are always better and the best thing is that we don’t have to visit the beer/wine stores again and again for the small purchase, by using the kegs of beer we will have ample amount of beer at our home. So, we can have party any time we want with our friends and can drink as much beer as we want as we have ample amount of beer available at our home only. Those people who like brewing their own beer can try and make different types of beer they want. And the best thing is that we will be saving a lot of money with that and we can have party almost everyday at our home.

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