How Much Does Having A Baby Cost?


Having a baby is not a very cheap thing and, surprisingly, you might need to spend impressive amounts of money on various facilities and goods your little one will need.

A baby needs very special care and attention as well as his personal assets, a crib, clothes, child’s bottles, nipples, a stroller and numerous others like these ones.

You need to invest great amounts of money when you want to know how much does having a baby cost, as you will have to do everything to offer your child a comfortable life.

Prenatal Care

When you plan to have a baby, it is very important to consider the prenatal care of your little one, as there are some tests and consultations you have to do in order to make sure that your baby is developing accurately and there is nothing wrong during this process.

Generally, the average cost of the prenatal is approximately $2.000, but you can eliminate this expenditure if you already have a health insurance.

Usually, the prenatal care is considered “preventive” care and the insurance will cover most of the costs, so you will not have to pay for all the tests you will have to do during the prenatal period.

Preparing For Having A Baby

How much does having a baby cost? The answer might be a little complicated in this regard, as you have to take into consideration a variety of different assets your little one will need when you will give him birth.

Cost To Have A Baby

As we have previously mentioned, you will need many goods, such as a crib, a car seat, clothes, nipples, child’s bottles, personal assets (teaspoons, tablespoons, vessels, etc.) and many others.

If you do not want to make a very high investment in this regard or your budget simply does not allow you to make it, you can easily get all these goods for $450-$500, which is an excellent price, given that you need a great number of assets.

However, if you want to offer your child premium quality goods, the overall cost of all these items might exceed $1.000 in some situations, based on different details, like the store you purchase them from.

Health Expenditures

Your overall cost for having a baby might become higher if we refer to the health expenditures. If you do not have a health insurance, then you should really worry regarding this matter, as you will really need to be very well prepared in order to face all the costs of childcare.

Unfortunately, the hospital will charge you even for childbirth, as you will have to pay approximately $9.000 in case of a normal vaginal birth and over $15.000 for a cesarean section. A regular health insurance will not offer you complete coverage for all the hospital expenses and you will need to opt specifically for private insurance plans, which cover maternity expenditures, as well.

Not only that you will not have to pay impressive amounts of money for pregnancy-relates health costs (which range between $12.000 and $20.000), but you will be able to ensure your little one of a safe environment and a very good general health condition.

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