How Much Does Hair Restoration Cost?

Hair transplant

More often than not, people suffering from hair loss always seek permanent remedies to regain a full head of hair.

Hair restoration has evolved over the decades and in the search engines one of the most commonly searched question remains “How Much Does Hair Restoration Cost?

The nitty gritty of this process involves moving hair from the permanent zone to the balding area. Hair is a very distinctive characteristic in mammals hence it’s uncomfortable and quite embarrassing to lose hair due to one or two reasons.

However depending on one’s financial status, this problem can be easily fixed. As will be discussed here, there are different services offered along the line of hair restoration.

Pre-Treatment Consultation

Consultation basically involves an appointment with the doctor who sheds light into the hair loss problem. Most doctors who perform the consultation are normally dermatologists.

Hair Restoration before and after
Hair Restoration before and after via realself.com. It’s not just for men!

The doctor will examine the hair loss due to autoimmune conditions and scalp infections. This will help him to know whether to recommend medical therapy and/or surgical hair restoration.

The consultation is quite a rigorous process since it involves lab tests and scalp biopsy. The cost for all this is roughly $185. For a comprehensive hair loss evaluation, the fee ranges from $350-$550.

Graft Excision and Repair

This surgical process involves the relocation of hair follicles from the back of the head to the balding areas.

Local anesthesia is normally administered although very little discomfort is experienced. The estimated price for graft excision is around $85. This fee caters for all the equipment needed for preparing the donor area and removing the follicles surgically.

Removal of the hair follicles may leave some sutures but they are not visible. After ten days of the transplant surgery, the sutures are removed one by one. A patient is required to sign a consent form to show that they understand all the risks that may be involved in the surgery.

These risks could be anything from allergic reactions, anesthesia reactions and respiratory problems. Nevertheless, patients are given after-surgery medication which is covered in the fee.

Scar Revision

On completion of the hair restoration process, scars may develop. Scar revision is done to remove the scars in order to make the patient look much better.

Before this process, a patient is advised to do special scalp exercises to increase the laxity of skin. The procedure is performed to ensure that new hair grows into the level of the scar.

Steroids are administered orally to minimize swelling. Again, the patient is advised to accept that reactions might occur after the process. Scar revision generally costs $1,500+$11 per graft.


The emotional aspects of living with hair loss can be challenging. Not to mention the negative attitudes towards baldness in the society. In the past, many doctors failed to accept hair loss as an important medical process. This is however not the case in this new generation.

The price of hair restoration may seem ridiculous but with a health insurance program like the Medicare, one can have their natural hair back.

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  1. This is a great outline for anyone considering a hair restoration procedure as it can be really confusing to differentiate the different types of procedures. I recommend first finding the right doctor or clinic for you that is reputable and experienced and let them help you determine what your specific hair loss needs are. There are different types of hair loss so treatment options will vary per person.

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