How Much Do Hair Extensions Cost?

Those who want great hair styles everyday may ask how much do hair extensions cost for a wider choice of hair styles.

Ladies are especially fond of a personal transformation with a different hair style everyday for a different event. A day activity would have the fairer sex sporting a more casual hairdo than a night event where a more formal hair style is a must to look elegant and sophisticated.

Ladies love hair extensions as these pieces add volume or length to their hair instantly. Hair extensions are not only for celebrities today but ordinary consumers are seen sporting their preferred hair extensions every day from the myriad of choices available in the market at affordable prices.


The cost of hair extensions varies with different salons depending on the professionalism, types of hair styles, services and facilities. A high street salon would probably charge more than the neighbourhood self-operated salon. However, there are plenty of affordable hair extension services in town for many ladies to enjoy a beauty treatment without burning a hole in their pocket if they know where to source for them.

A clip-in hair extension is very cheap with a kit priced at under $20 to an elaborate option of $300 encompassing high quality hair pieces. These need not be executed at the salon to avoid more costs incurred. More length and volume can be added to the hair personally and easily at any time if the favourite pieces are bought for frequent applications.

Hair extensions before and after

Bonding or hot fusion hair extensions average around $300 at a hair salon with the use of hot glue to bond or fuse hair extensions to the natural hair by a professional hair stylist where the hair extensions cannot be identified. Well styled hair extensions keep for 4 months with proper maintenance.

Cold fusion technology brings on the new cold fusion hair extension that operated more gently than hot fusion but the cost of this hair extension option is between $1,500 and $4,000. The keratin based polymer attaches the extension to the hair root for a longer lasting style of 6 months.

Those who like a weave which is really a braiding of the hair extensions and natural hair partially or completely would expect to pay between $500 and $1,200.

Cost factors

Having hair extensions enhances the beauty of the wearer which makes the facility very popular. How much hair extension services cost depends on the preferred type, amount of hair required, length and style preferred. Uptown salons would charge more than local salons due to the higher rental incurred.

Professional hair stylists would charge more than ordinary hair stylists in town while mobile hair stylists may even charge slightly more to cover their travel expenses and house call services.

A salon administering hair extension services may pass the costs of hair extensions to the customer with a profit margin besides the service charges and facilities used in the salon. Hence, many consumers prefer to purchase their own choices of hair extension pieces especially from the Internet to enjoy more savings.

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