How Much Do Dog Shots Cost?

Dogs are deemed as “a man’s best friend” but keeping these canines may have their owners ask how much do dog shots cost and how many shots are required in a year. It can be a costly upkeep for those who are not affluent especially with pedigrees that may require a higher upkeep.

The type of dog shots and the frequency of vaccinations would depend on a myriad of factors such as age of dog, type of dog and medical history of the canine if possible. The cost of dog shots also varies from one vet to another in most communities.

Dog shots can be performed at the vet office or even an established pet store. However, some places of dog shot executions may allow payment via pet insurance. Consumers should call up their vets to inquire about the cost of different dog shots for a definite figure.


Established and reputable veterinary offices are the best options for administering various dog shots to any type of canine. There are qualified and experienced veterinarians or vets to handle the needed shots correctly besides checking up on the health of the canine before administering the shot.

Dog Shots


The first year of a canine may require dog shots that would cost the owner $20 -$150 on various needful vaccinations before the cost comes down to $10 – $100 in subsequent years. This wide range of estimate arises from the fact that different vets charge differently on different vaccinations. A puppy shot may range between $15 and $45 depending on the required vaccination and age.

Types of vaccinations

A dog requires certain vaccinations annually to keep them healthy. The common list of vaccinations for the year includes rabies, kennel cough, distemper, flu, hepatitis and parvo. Each of these vaccinations would incur a different cost; again depending on the preferred vet.

Types of dogs

Some vets may charge dog shots differently on different types of dogs. Pedigree dogs may incur a higher charge; so do dogs that are hard to handle. Puppies may also incur a different charge on different shots. It is best to have the vet check the puppy thoroughly before administering any vaccination.

Preferred locations

Since different vets can charge different for the same type of dog shot, it is better to identify the most reliable and reasonable location to ensure a good administration of the shots for a beloved canine. Rabies is one shot that must be regularly administered to the pet every year to prevent serious consequences. The neighborhood animal shelter is a highly recommended option for dog vaccinations as they have caring vets and helpers who are qualified.


It is not advisable to have owners administer any vaccination on their dogs personally for any reason at any time. The canine’s veins may get punctured or the wrong dosage may be detrimental to the health and life of the pet. There are certain conditions to comply with when administering dog vaccinations which only vets and professional dog handlers would know.

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