How Much is a DJ for a Wedding

DJ for wedding

Wedding couples-to-be may be asking how much is a DJ for a wedding to have a blast on their wedding day or night.

Having a deejay at a wedding enhances the atmosphere tremendously especially during reception or dinner. A lighter atmosphere is preferred after the morning solemnity of marriage vows in a more somber environment.

However, it is difficult to secure the right price for a DJ at a wedding as different locations and deejays charge differently with different types of services and facilities included.

Consumer market recommendation

One of the best sources for finding out how much a DJ hire would cost for a wedding would be to ask consumers who have ‘been there and done it.’ The Internet offers a plethora of feedback and recommendations to assist others seeking answers to this query.

A consumer spent $1,950 for a DJ hire with a MC, snow machine, lights and percussionist for 6 ½ hours. Others could hire a DJ for only $550 with limited services; music choices were pre-assigned and the DJ needs only to announce the song and spin the records.

However, a professional mobile DJ for a wedding may cost between $100 and $300 an hour with a professional deejay/MC and a standard sound system. Peak seasons such as weekends and holidays would have the rates raised to $200 per hour or more.

DJ cost for a wedding

An off-peak hire for a 6-hour stint can cost under $1250 at the Baltimore area. Mobile wedding DJs may also charge travel fees on top of their DJ services. Early booking discounts are offered to confirm bookings.

An Easton PA, smaller DJ service costs between $800 and $825 for 6 hours of DJ service. Their services are advertised on the Internet with an inclusion of light and sound production via the local radio station.

Pointers to low cost DJ services

From the experienced consumers’ feedback, low cost DJ services for a wedding can be secured more easily if:

  • The wedding is held at off-peak seasons such as November
  • An early booking is made on the preferred date
  • Limited DJ services are requested
  • The number of service hours is low
  • No extra charges are incurred such as travel cost and tips
  • Discounts are offered for some reason or other such as recommending another wedding
  • An amateur or inexperienced DJ is acceptable

DJ quality

The quality of a deejay is usually reflected in the cost of hire. An inexperienced DJ can ruin the whole event with their bad choice of music and words in the announcements. A high quality DJ at a wedding keeps the event running smoothly from start to finish; so much so that everyone present does not want to leave!

A high quality deejay is worth every penny paid when the right songs are played at the right moment with an alert eye and mind to the crowd. A DJ is not only available during the wedding but before the event where professional consultation is offered and correct understanding of the happy couple’s requirements.

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