How Much Does It Cost To Spay a Dog

Spaying a Dog

How much does it cost to spay a dog? This is a question that weighs on many dog-owners minds, especially when they are first time owners.

While there is no firm price that caters for all, it is fairly correct to quote a figure of between $50 and $400 as the cost of spaying a dog. The difference in vets’ prices for spaying is due to many factors.

One thing you should understand when asking about how much it costs to spay a dog is that not all vets offer the same quality of service.

Additionally, what is included in their services differ from vet to vet and from dog to dog. Some of these differences in costs of spaying a dog are due to:

Size and Body Weight

It takes more time and costs more to spay a big dog compared to a smaller one.


Spay a DogSome breeds are cheaper to spay than others. For instance, most vets will charge less for a pit bull due to their high population numbers’


Where you live may determine how much you have to pay to have your dog spayed. Vets operating in affluent neighborhoods typically tend to charge more for their services.

Type of Clinic

Private clinics owned by renowned vets will typically charge higher fees than the average.

On the other hand, clinics attached to humane societies and animal shelters will charge much lower fees than the average and may even offer some free procedures on scheduled occasions.


Most vets will insist that your dog be up to date with her vaccinations before being spayed. If your dog has not gone through all the necessary vaccinations, you will have to pay for that too on top of the regular spaying costs.

Recovery Process

Vets will usually have a standard charge for spaying the dog and this will include any post-operative actions required.

However, some dogs may undergo unforeseen or problematic complications during the recovery period. This will mean extra care and extra medication which will obviously mean extra charges.

Benefits of Spaying Your Dog

As a pet lover you are obviously concerned whether spaying your dog is the right thing to do. It definitely is the right and responsible thing to do for the following reasons:

Better Health

Your canine friend will face less risk of contracting uterine infections or breast cancer and a host of other ailments.

Better Temperament

Your dog is bound to be calmer and less aggressive. It will be less likely to chase after other dogs, people, or cars.

Cost Benefits

When you are thinking how much it costs to spay a dog, you are probably only thinking of the immediate spending without realizing the long term cost benefits and savings.

It is far much cheaper to spay your dog now than to have to take care of a whole litter once she gives birth.


In America alone, over 8 million strays get taken in by shelters each year. This is as a result of too many new births with no homes for them. By spaying your dog, you are helping in the fight against overpopulation.

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