How Much Does it Cost to Reupholster a Sofa?

Cost to Reupholstera Sofa

Sometime, you may like to reupholster your sofa instead of buying a new one which is much more expensive.

The reason for reupholstering may be because your old sofa has no much structural damages and it is still in good shape with minor problems such as worn out fabrics and threadbare.

When faced with such a situation, then the question that could be in your mind is how much does it cost to reupholster a sofa.

The overall costs of reupholstering a sofa generally depends with the cost of fabric used, the size of the sofa and the upholsterer you have choose.

Depending with the size of your sofa, the costs of reupholstering may range between 400 to 1,200 US dollars. This only depends with the upholsterer you have chosen.

To reduce the cost of reupholstering your sofa, it is advisable to first visit the upholstery fabric stores. At the stores you can consult and ask them to direct you on the best upholsterer in the area.

Most often, upholsterers will give your estimates through the phone or emails. This is possible if you supply them with your sofa measurements such as the number of cushions and the sofas length.

For a sofa which has wobbling frame and torn fabric which need replacement, then a 6 to 7 foot sofa may cost you 500 to 800 US dollars to reupholster with fabrics. This is suitable as compared to spending 1,200 US dollars to purchase a new one.

Cost to Reupholstera  Sofa

The cost for reupholstering may reduce if the upholsterer allows you to provide your own fabrics instead of purchasing from him. The upholsterer will change the cost in such a case.

What are some of the additional costs during sofa reupholstering?

It is important to note some additional costs of reupholstering a sofa. If your sofa needs additional foam in the cushions or pillows, then this may cost you extra dollars. The cushions may need to be filled with foam instead of using fiberfill. This may mean extra cost.

Sometime, you may need the fabric treated to resist stains. If the fabric is thin then it may need lining meaning extra cost.

The question of if you need skirt or skirt-less, self-welting sofa with replace or no replace sofa legs may add on the cost of reupholstering. Other additional costs include delivery charges, rebuilding the frame, changing of loose cushions and re-typing springs.

Considering the extra costs of reupholstering a sofa, then you may find paying around 700 US dollars for an average size sofa and for a large sofa you may pay up to 1,200 US dollars.

For this reason, it is important to ensure that your chosen upholsterer has some years of experience and skills.

You can request to see photographs for their previous work as this will help you to make better and firm decisions based on your reupholstering needs.

With well chosen upholsterer, you will be satisfied with the finished work as your hideous old sofa will have turn to a brand new.

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