How Much Does It Cost To Rent a Pressure Washer

If you are a do-it-yourself kind of person and your walls have become dirty or the walkway isn’t the same anymore then you might be wondering about how much does it cost to rent a pressure washer.

Well, it all depends on your location, the store you are renting from, the make/model of the pressure washer, and its power.

Expect to pay anywhere between $30 and $150 as daily rental fees.

Here are a few factors that may determine how much you pay to rent a power washer.


Different brands will attract different kinds of fees though they may have the same power specifications. Examples of the most common brands you will find in stores include:

  • John Deere
  • Ex-Cell
  • Briggs and Stratton
  • Simpson
  • Landa
  • Stanley
  • Specifications

How much power will you require to clean out your home, wall, corridor, walkway, or whatever it is you need a power washer for? Your cleaning needs will dictate the best power washer suitable for you.

When presented with different power washers, check their GPM capacity and water capacity before picking on the best one for your needs. Generally, the smaller the power washer’s capability the cheaper it will be to rent it.

Cost To Rent a Pressure Washer


There are some periods, such as in the beginning of spring, when the cost of renting a power washer gets higher due to low availability or high demand.

For instance, the first weeks of summer sees many households cleaning out their outdoors and this result in high demand for rental units.

To save on rental charges you can do your cleaning during the low seasons to get out the stubborn dirt then just use a hose pipe during peak rental periods.

Buy or Rent

When considering the cost of renting a power washer you may also want to compare that against the price of buying one.

Buying one may be a more viable option since renting three or four times will cost you the same as getting a new one. Most power washers can be bought for between $180 and $400.

Search for power washers below:

However, remember that if you buy you will be responsible for running costs, repairs, and replacement of parts. So this option is not ideal for someone who will just need the power washer for one or two days.

Power Washer Rental Prices

Once you have keenly considered all the above factors and decided you want to rent, find your nearest stores and ask about their charges. If they have a website, make an online reservation to guarantee availability.

Most stores will charge typical rates of about $70 per day for a medium power washer of about 2000 psi. The store may also add insurance charges which may increase the cost of renting a power washer by about $15.

If yours is only a small job, you can get hourly rates of about $30. If you expect your cleaning to take much longer, ask about their closed-day policy.

For instance, if they close on Sundays and you pick on Saturday, will you get charged an extra day when you return it on Monday? Most stores will not levy any additional charges for Sunday if the store is closed.

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