How Much Does it Cost to Go to Disney World?

Almost everyone on planet Earth would like to visit Disney World to enjoy its rides and fantasy environment but how much does it cost to go to Disney World for an individual or a family?

Theme Park ticket prices

The world famous theme park offers a myriad of choices in purchasing tickets for a day of delight in the sophisticated amusement park. There are a number of ways to purchase the tickets for adults and children with combo deals that are meant to offer more savings.

Children below 3 years old do not need a ticket to enter the park or enjoy any of the rides as long as they are riding with an adult for their own safety. Disney World Theme Park tickets fall into two categories; those aged between 3 and 9 and those aged 10 and above.

Park tickets can be for 1 day, 2 days, 3 days, and so on. Prices for World Disney Theme Park tickets are displayed on the website for 5 days. Visitors wanting a longer period of play can call up for the actual cost which may be negotiable depending on season and group size.

Younger children’s prices

Those between ages 3 and 9 can enjoy the Magic Kingdom Park on a single day ticket at $89 per ticket while a one-day ticket to the EPCOT, Disney’s Animal Kingdom Park or Disney’s Hollywood Studios costs $84 per ticket.

Cost to Go to Disney World

Multiple-day tickets for this age group run from $86 per ticket per day to $55 per ticket per day from 2 days to 5 days correspondingly. For example, a 2-day ticket for a child in this age bracket costs $172 per ticket and a 5-day ticket costs $270 per ticket.

Older age group prices

Those above 9 years old would have to pay a slightly higher price for their Disney World tickets depending on the number of days of visit. The cost of a 1-day ticket at the Magic Kingdom Park in this age group is $95 while the 1-day ticket to either EPCOT or Disney’s Animal Kingdom Park or Disney’s Hollywood Studios is $90 per ticket.

Multi-day tickets costs for this age group vary depending on the number of days of visits. A 2-day ticket at Disney World costs $187 per ticket for this age group while a 5-day ticket would cost $289 per ticket.

Ticket Options

Disney World offers a wide scope of fun entertainment that cannot be viewed or enjoyed in a day or two. The Park Hopper Option offers entry into Disney World’s famous 4 themed parks. This package deal ticket costs $59.

The Water Park Fun & More option ticket costs the same as the Park Hopper Option but offers a different type of enlightenment. Visitors can choose to combine both dry and water park options at $84 per ticket to enjoy more savings and more fun.

Total package cost to visit Disney World including rooms and tickets for a family of 4 for a week ranges from $2,000.

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