How Much Does It Cost to Fix a Laptop Screen

Fix a Laptop Screen

Computers have a lot of costs that come tacked along with them, but one of the more common expenses is repairing broken screens.

With laptops especially, it is easy to drop them. Obviously, laptops are known for their portability, and so it is common for people to carry them around with them from place to place; it’s easy to let them slip from your fingers and unless you’re lucky, the screen is probably going to be shattered, among other things.

One of the most common places to take your laptop to be repaired is Best Buy. They are known for their repair and maintenance services, the devices they sell, as well as their 24/7 tech support.

They are also associated with fair prices and high quality, so most people will trust their laptops to. If you go through Best Buy, their Geek Squad services will charge you around $500 to do the entire repair; this price takes parts and labor into account.

You can also opt to buy the screen yourself and try to save some money so that Best Buy will only charge you for their labor.

A new laptop screen usually ranges from $40 to around $100. It all depends on what you are looking for and whether or not you know where to go.

You can find complete price list on www.screenmall.com. Since they have large stock of laptop screens, I believe you you would get screen for your laptop without any issue. Other way, you can check Amazon once and possibly even find a better price.

There are other stores that will do laptop screen repairs, but their prices are usually the same (and not as reliable) or they are far more expensive.

If you don’t want to go through Best Buy, you can contact your computer’s provider and see if they will repair it for you.

Things to Keep in Mind When You Are Repairing Your Laptop Screen

Fix a Laptop ScreenAlways go through someone you trust because these services are easy to be deceived by.

It is also very common for companies to overcharge for their services, and you might end up paying double what you could elsewhere. It might take time but you should always shop around before you make your final decision.

You should also take into account the value of your laptop. Think about how much you paid for it in the first place or how much it would cost to buy the same or a similar laptop now.

Once you have that price in your head, see how much the repairs will cost elsewhere. Your choice should be clear in the end–you never want to pay more to repair a laptop when the repairs cost more than the laptop itself.

It might just be a better investment for you to buy a new laptop and have the memory transferred to that. Check out how much does a new laptop cost.

One other thing to keep in mind is that you might be able to save a lot more money if you go through a local shop. Most towns will have a tech shop set up close by that will most likely be owned and run by a family or a local individual.

You will not only be supporting local businesses but you will probably be able to save hundreds of dollars on your laptop repairs.

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