How Much Does It Cost To Declaw a Cat

Cat Declaw

After having to replace so many furniture pieces and curtains you are probably wondering how much does it cost to declaw a cat?

Well, it all depends on a few key factors. First, do you intend to declaw only the two front paws or all four paws?

The prices for a two-claw declaw ranges from around $80 to around $ 250. A four-paw declaw will be typically priced at between $100 and $350.

Another important factor that impacts the price is the type of procedure or technique to be used.

Cosmetic procedures cost far more than the traditional cat declawing procedures. There are three most common procedures used when declawing a cat. These are:

1. Onychectomy: This technique involves the use of a clipper in the same way as a guillotine is used.

It severs the whole first toe joint containing the nail bed. It is the quickest and most common technique used. This procedure usually costs between $80 and $ 300.

2. Disarticulation: This method is similar to onychectomy. However, instead of the guillotine-like clipper, a scalpel is used.

This method takes longer and is faced with a little more risk. It is comparatively pricier than onychectomy and ranges between $100 and $320.

Declaw a Cat 3. Laser techniques: Surgery by use of laser technology lowers bleeding and hastens the recovery process. It is also quicker and carries fewer risks compared to the other techniques.

It is also the most expensive and prices vary between a low of around $200 and a high of up to $450.

The age and weight of the cat also have some bearing on the cost, with lighter and younger kittens being less expensive. Other costs of declawing a cat involve the procedure may add up to the overall costs. These include the cost of overnight stays, antibiotics, and anesthesia.

Reasons for Declawing

There are two medical reasons why a pet owner would consider declawing his cat. If a tumor develops in your cat’s paw, you should consider the procedure and cost of declawing a cat.

If the cat’s claw is also damaged beyond repair then it may be better to declaw it. The immune systems of weak individuals or senior citizens may also be compromised by the bacteria found in the claws of cats.

If your cat is also prone to scratching and causing injury, especially to children, then it might be the right call to declaw him/her.

Apart from medical and safety reasons, there are the more common social reasons used for justifying declawing for cats.

The number one reason is usually to protect furniture and other household property. Another common reason is that they do not want to get scratched by the cat.

Other families also declaw their cats because that’s just the way they have always done things. A very compelling reason that others do it is because their vet recommended it.

Arguments against Declawing Cats

Even though most people feel that the cost of declawing cats is high, the main reason for their opposition to declawing is due to ethical reasons.

They view declawing as CRUELTY against animals. This is because the procedure involves the removal of not only the claw, but the bone that it grows from.

PLEASE and PLEASE DON’T DO IT. God gave them paws for some reason and let it be as they are. PLEASE LOVE YOUR PETS!

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