How Much Does It Cost To Build A Tennis Court?

Tennis Court

Building a tennis court is a pretty high investment for most people, as there are numerous materials to purchase and a great number of aspects and factors to take into account.

Depending on your wishes or expectations, the total cost of a tennis court might be higher or lower and you have to consider your decision very wisely before making a choice.

The surface, the quality of the tennis court, the fence, the necessary materials – all of these aspects are very relevant for your needs and you will have to consider them carefully in order to ensure a functional and well-designed tennis court.


The surface is the prime factor you should take into consideration when wondering about how much does it cost to build a tennis court.

Of course, the higher the surface you will use, the greater the price of the tennis court will be. In most cases, you will pay between $20.000 and $40.000, with an average price of $30.000.

You can easily obtain a lower price if you already own a property, so your expenditures will be lower than $30.000.

Surprisingly, the cost of a tennis court is lower than opening a coffee shop (See our previous article – How Much Does It Cost To Open A Coffee Shop), so your investment can be actually very valuable in this regard.

The Quality Of The Tennis Court

Cost To Build A Tennis CourtWhen building a tennis court, you have to consider its quality as one of the most important details, because it will help you decide further regarding the other materials and the fence.

You can opt for top or second-hand materials in order to build the tennis court and this is exactly the detail that will tell you how much you will spend.

If you opt for high quality materials, you will spend up to $30.000, while low quality materials will cost you approximately $13.000.

The Fence

You cannot build a tennis court without a fence, as it will help you protect it from numerous external factors that might damage your court.

Fortunately, the cost of a fence is very low, so you will not have to spend very impressive amounts of money in this regard – a maximum of $1000, with an average cost of $600.

Based on the materials you choose for the fence, you might spend $900 for quality materials and only half that price for lower quality materials.


Maintaining your tennis court might be an expensive duty, as you have to clean it constantly and keep it humid all the time, so you (or other people) can play tennis without any problem.

If you do not want to take care of this matter by yourself, you should hire a specialized individual, who will provide you maintenance services in return for a specific amount of money.

These services are worth $200-$300 usually and given that you need two clean your tennis court at least twice per month, the total cost is going to be higher than $400-$600.

Depending on the company you will choose in this regard, the expenditures might be 30% lower, so you will pay $280-$420.

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