How Much Does Carpet Installation Cost?

Carpet Installation

Carpeting your home can seem very simple though when you start shopping around you realize it can quickly get complicated.

You have to figure out how much does carpet installation cost by looking at all the factors that will be considered between moving the carpet from the store to laying it out on your floor.

Different stores use different methods of advertising and this confuses further the customer’s efforts to conduct a fair price comparison.

To make the best informed decision for your needs, it is important to look at all these different factors and understand how each is priced.

Carpet Costs

The first thing you need to figure out is how much floor space you want carpeted. The easiest way to do this is to measure your floor at its widest point and measure it again at its longest point.

Multiply the two figures to come up with an estimate of your total floor size. If you have different rooms measure each room the same way then add up the total figures.

Carpets are mostly measured in yards at the store so you can divide your measurements by 9 to arrive at the yard figures. Add a little allowance of between 5% and 10% to account for expected wastage and seams.

Once you have figured out exactly how much carpet you need, then the next thing to check is the price of carpet per unit. This will depend largely on quality of carpet.

For instance, a builder’s-grade carpet is on the lower end in terms of quality and will cost you around $8 to $12 per square yard. Such a carpet will last you up to 5 years.

A mid-grade carpet suitable for homes will last you up to 15 years and will cost around $25 per square yard. A luxury-grade carpet may cost you upwards of $45 per square yard with longevity of around 15 years.

Carpet Installation CostFloor Preparation Costs

Before installing the carpet, you may need to do some repairs and other preparations on your floor. These may include removing the old carpet, removing residual glues, and stripping tacks.

The floor should be left bare and cleaned before installation of the carpet begins.

Typical costs for preparing a floor that has an old carpet but does not require any repairs are between $1 and $4 per yard.

An additional 50% may be charged for disposing of the old carpet and fittings. A floor that will require repairs will need the contractor to offer a detailed quote before work begins.

Carpet Padding Costs

Apart from glue-down commercial carpets, all other kinds of carpet should be installed on top of padding. This increases the durability and lifetime of your carpets by absorbing impact.

Therefore, your cost of installing a carpet should include the cost of the padding. A thin, low-quality padding may cost as little at $2 at your local store.

Thick, high-quality padding may cost as high as $7 per yard. A mid-grade padding will set you back between $3 and $5 per yard.

Cost of Labor

Depending on where you live, labor costs for installing your carpet vary. It also depends on whether there is furniture to be moved around, climatic conditions, and whether there are stairs and landings to be covered.

Labor costs for installing your carpet may range between $5 per yard and $15 per yard.

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