How Much Does an Alignment Cost?

Car Alignment

Have you ever wondered how much does a car wheel alignment cost?

If yes, then you should know that there is a very great number of aspects you have to take into account when it comes to this matter and, if you want to obtain a great overall cost and save money at the same time, you have to be extremely careful before making a choice.

A good alignment will help you improve the performance of your car and avoid eventual inconveniences, as well as future costs that are not covered by your auto insurance.


Your location is the prime aspect you have to consider when getting a car alignment. As we all know, some States will charge you more than others and you might end up spending up to $100 for this service.

If we compare the price of a car alignment to the car tune up service (See our “How Much Does a Tune Up Cost?” article), we can easily conclude that an alignment will cost you a lower amount of money based on your city and zip code.

For instance, you can get this service done to your car in return for approximately $50 if you live in Louisiana, but this price might become double if you live in Michigan.

The Type Of Alignment You Need

There are several types of alignment you can opt for and, depending on your car’s needs, you might want a four-wheel alignment or a front/end-wheel alignment.

Car Alignment CostA typical four-wheel alignment (when you have all your wheels serviced) will cost you up to $100, while a front/end-wheel alignment (when either your front or end wheels are serviced) will cost you lower than $50.

However, you can obtain a better price if you choose to apply different coupon codes and discounts when you go to the auto service, but you have to make sure that the alignment service is provided within that discount.

The Company You Choose

You can find a great number of companies and services that will offer you car alignment, each of them providing you a various range of prices.

If you want to opt for a prime quality company, you have to know that you will be charged more than if you opt for a regular service, which will offer you the same facilities in return for a more affordable price, though.

Most companies will demand approximately $40-$70 for their services, but some of them might charge you more than $80-$100.


Do you want to know how much does an alignment cost, so you can lower your expenditures and get high quality services, as well? It is extremely simple: look for different discount coupon codes provided by different dealers and companies.

In most cases, these coupons will offer you the excellent opportunity to obtain the car alignment service in return for a better price, which is usually lower than $50.

Whether you opt for four-wheel or front/end-wheel alignment service, the overall cost will become more advantageous for your budget and you will have to pay only $40-$60 no matter what your location is or what company you opt for.

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