How Much Does An Abortion Pill Cost

Abortion Pill

Generally, the cost of an abortion pill is extremely varied, based on numerous aspects and details of this matter.

Unfortunately, there is no fixed price for an abortion pill, as the cost might vary based on location, subsides, clinic, state of pregnancy, etc.


The price range of an abortion pill (also known as RU-486/Mifepristone) varies based on the location.

Several States in US, such as North Carolina, Michigan, Missouri and Ohio offer this pill in return for $420, while other States sell it for a higher price that exceeds $500 in some cases.

If you want to abort throughout this pill, you should expect a price range that varies from $300 to $500, but make sure to pay close attention to other aspects of this matter, as well.

State Of Pregnancy

The state of pregnancy plays a very important role when it comes to the overall cost of an abortion pill.

If you prefer taking the RU-486/Mifepristone instead of a clinical surgery, you should consider the state of pregnancy you are in.

For instance, you might pay between $350 and $520 for the first trimester and this price will become higher and higher as the state of pregnancy is more advanced.

Unfortunately, the cost of an abortion pill is higher than the surgery itself, as the difference is approximately $115 – a pretty high amount of money if we consider the convenience and reliability of a so-called ‘magic’ pill.

Clinic And Doctor

Abortion Pill CostThe abortion pill cannot be found in regular drug stores and, usually, it is not commercialized.

In order to get it, you have to consult a specialist first of all – telling him your intentions will help you obtain the RU-486/Mifepristone from the clinic in question.

However, this aspect might be a little tricky, because not all the clinics provide advantageous prices and you might end up spending hundreds of dollars on a pill that will not help you, after all.

Opt for a reputable clinic and go to an experienced professional, which will offer you the abortion pill you need, along with a warranty of the facility you were provided with.

You should know that there are some clinics that produce their own abortion pills and do not import them from other European countries, such as Italy or Sweden. Depending on this detail, you might pay up to $600 or even $800.

Regular Doctor Consultations

Apart from the fact that you have to pay a certain amount of money for the abortion pill you plan to buy, you have to consult a specialist every week after you take it, so you can make sure that the abortion process is SAFE and goes slowly.

Do not expect free consultations, because they will never come and you will have to spend for the visits you pay to the doctor in question.

If you have a health insurance, the overall cost might be lower with approximately 20-30%, based on your location and stage of pregnancy. You can pay $200 for a single consultation or you might pay the same price for five or even ten different consultations.

The total cost of the abortion might sum up $1000 – a pretty high price, given that you can obtain a better cost if you opt for a clinical surgery instead of the RU-486/Mifepristone.

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